Revolver v1.0 - Motueka

Revolver v2.0 - Simcoe


Developed by Yakima Chief Ranches in the USA and released in 2000.

Unique passionfruit, pine, earth and citrus characteristics.

From the South Island of New Zealand.

Lively lemon and lime tones with background hints of tropical fruit.

GIRL Revolver

Revolver v5.0 - Waimea

First Gold is the world’s first Hedgerow hop released in 1996 by Horticulture Research International (HRI) at Wye College in the UK. It is a cross of hedgerow male and WGV (Whitbread Goldings Variety).

First Gold is a terrifically versatile aroma hop, perfect for more modern beer styles. It is a unique Goldings type hop and is also available as a fully certified organic hop variety.

First Gold has refreshing, sharp and crisp bittering characteristics.

It has a wonderful tangerine, sweet orangey citrus aroma and slender spicy notes.  Its flavours are of marmalade, geranium, magnolia, sweet and floral.

Revolver v3.0 - First Gold

Amarillo is an aroma variety of hops discovered by Virgil Gamache Farms Inc. in one of their hop yards in Washington State and propagated and introduced by them as Amarillo.

Amarillo hops are privately grown only by Virgil Gamache Farms who hold a trademark on the name "Amarillo" for hops. The plant is patented.

The aroma is described as flowery, spicy and citrus-like with a distinct orange bouquet.

Revolver v4.0 - Amarillo

Waimea (say why-may-ah) hails from New Zealand. Waimea is a new hop variety that is both an aroma and bittering hop. It is the

granddaughter of Pacific Jade. It has intense fresh tangelo, citrus fruit and pine needle characteristics.

In making Revolver, modest amounts were added at the start of the boil and late additions became alot more generous!  This is a Revolver unlike the previous incarnations.

Revolver v6.0 - Sex Hop

This version of Revolver gives you six hops in one beer!  Pilgrim and First Gold from the UK, Waimea and Motueka from New Zealand, Amarillo and Simcoe from the USA.  The Simcoe is added as a dry hop in the cask.

This is Revolver at its hoppiest with a full citrus flavour.

This Revolver is truly loaded with hops and we're giving you all 6 chambers at once!

Revolver v7.0 - Cascade (US)

The American hop Cascade is credited by some as starting the Craft beer revolution and is widely used in American Pale Ales.

Cascade has a pleasant, flowery and spicy, citrus-like quality with a slight grapefruit characteristic.

Try this version of Revolver to taste why Cascade has become the most produced hop in the USA.

Revolver v7.1 - US Cascade (US)

This is the same as the popular Revolver v7.0 but fermented with Safale US-05 instead of S-04.

Revolver v8.0 - Green Bullet (NZ)

This New Zealand hop has strong bittering qualities but with an aroma of fruit, raisins and spice.  Early hop addition in the boil was limited with most being added at the end to avoid too much bitterness.

One cask in the batch has been made unfined for a fuller flavour with a natural haze.

Revolver v7.2 - Saison US Cascade (US)

We've gone back to version 7 for more yeast japes.  This is the same as the

popular Revolver v7.0 and v7.1  but fermented with Belle Saison Belgian

farmhouse yeast.

This yeast should produce a distinctive saison style with an aroma that is

fruity, spicy and peppery due to ester and phenol production.

This beer was brewed in collaboration with Simon at                          .

This Revolver Saison is extremely refreshing, fruity, zesty and sometimes

sour depending on your palate.  The beer is a cloudy golden colour with the

special saison aroma.  The cascade hops add a strong hop background but

the taste is shaped by the yeast.  With little or no bitterness, you can quickly

enjoy the saison experience as the palate makes the necessary adjustment

down the glass. Zingy!

100 Hottest

Revolver v9.0 - Summit (USA)

A return to our usual US-05 American yeast.  The hop is Summit from the

famous Yakima Valley in the USA. Summit is a super alpha variety and so

perfect for bittering.  In Revolver this requires caution as extreme bitterness

is not desired.  Late hopping is preferred to maximise aroma and flavour.

The aroma properties are spice, earthy, onion, garlic and citrus (pink

grapefruit, orange and tangerine) tones.

Revolver v10.0 - BLACK REVOLVER

This is the same as Revolver v9.0 - Summit (below) but made BLACK.

The colour is totally from roasted grains only but without adding any roasted

flavour to the beer.  This is classic Revolver territory - HOPPY NOT MALTY!

Do you "drink with your eyes"?  Try it!

Revolver v11.0 - Sex Hop II

Sex Hop is here again (see Revolver v6.0 below) but with a different hop mix.  First Gold from the UK, Green Bullet and Motueka from New Zealand, Nugget, Amarillo and Cascade from the USA.

The Cascade is added as a dry hop in the cask.

This is Revolver at its hoppiest with a full citrus flavour.

This Revolver is grossly overloaded with hops and we're giving you all

6 chambers at once!

Revolver v12.0 - Calypso

Back to single hop Revolver once more after the uber bitter

grapefruit fest that was Sex Hop II.


Calypso is from the USA and has a pleasant fruity aroma with hints

of pear and apple.


This is a pleasant easy drinking Revolver with a slight bitter caress.


This is the first Revolver to be canned and is reviewed here.

Revolver v13.0 - Galena

Galena is a high alpha variety that was developed in the Idaho state

breeding program in 1978. It has balanced bittering properties

combined with an agreeable aroma profile.


Galena is primarily a bittering hop and so the citrus hit of this hop both

on the nose and in the taste is a satisfying surprise.

Revolver v15.0 - Columbus

Originally selected by Charles Zimmerman for Hopunion, Inc.,

Columbus is a descendant of Nugget. It is a high alpha variety and is

primarily used for bittering purposes. Columbus is often referred to as CTZ, a trio of similar hops including Tomahawk® and Zeus.


Aroma: Specific aroma descriptors include black pepper, licorice, curry and subtle citrus.

Revolver v16.0 - Sorachi Ace

Developed in Japan in 1984 for Sapporo Breweries Ltd.,

Sorachi Ace is a cross between Brewer's Gold, Saaz

and Beikei No. 2 male. It is available in limited quantities, however, it remains

a popular variety among craft brewers for its unique citrus fruit, herbal

and dill aromas.


Aroma: Specific aroma descriptors include lemon, lime and dill.

Revolver v14.0 - Crystal

Crystal Hops was born in 1983, created in Corvallis Oregon. Crystal Hops bears a low alpha acid rating of 3.5%-6.0%, and carries a relatively high myrcene oil content. This combination makes it ideal for aroma additions in the wort as it bring with it a mix of woody, green, some floral and fruit notes, with some herb and spice character.


Revolver v17.0 - Huell Melon

Bred at the Hop Research Institute in Hüll, this hop variety has bold flavors and is not necessarily associated with typical hop variety aromas.


Aroma: Specific aroma descriptors include distinctive honeydew melon and strawberry.

Revolver v18.0 - Summer Special

Straying from the single hop model, Summer Special is a combination of

Sorachi Ace, Huell Melon and the Australian hop Summer.


The beer has a creamy aroma and taste complimented by the friut flavours. This is

the least bitter and fruitiest Revolver yet.


The keg version accentuates these flavours and is reminiscent of a Strawberry Mivvi



Note: A single hop Revolver Summer will follow.

Revolver v19.0 - Delta

This could be seen as a return to traditional Revolver bitterdom.

Delta is a diploid aroma-type hop, originated from a cross between Fuggle

and a male derived from Cascade.


Aroma: spicy, earthy, ginger, citrusy.

Revolver v20.0 - Chinook

The 20th Revolver did not disappoint. Chinook is a great hop

and gave a lovely grapefruit flavour and aroma.

Good levels of bitterness, nicely controlled.